Why You Should Hire a Professional to Test for Radon Gas

When testing for radon gas, you do have the option to test yourself with a DIY testing kit. You can purchase those at any local hardware store or online, and they’re not very expensive. However, due to limitations in the testing process we always recommend hiring an experienced professional to do this for you. In addition, you’ll have to mail the samples to a remote laboratory where the amount of radon gas can be analyzed. There are many ways this process can be interrupted, for example if you don’t leave the testing kit out for long enough — or if you don’t seal them up properly.

It’s good to know the option is always there to do it yourself when testing for radon gas, but the reality is you should probably just hire a professional. Of course, that just relates to testing for radon gas. When it comes to mitigation and the removal of the deadly gas from your home, you should always hire an experienced professional.