About Radon Testing


Central Iowa Radon offers Continuous Radon Monitor and Charcoal Activated testing. The following condensed guidelines are from the most recent U.S. EPA protocols for CRM and CA testing. 

The device is designed to be exposed 48 to 168 hours (two to seven days).

Testing can be done at any season just as long as closed building conditions can be maintained before and during the test..

All external doors, windows, and vents should be kept closed from 12 hours before starting the test.

You don’t need to change your normal entry and exit routines, just make sure to close the door behind you.

If the building has a permanently installed radon mitigation system, air to air heat exchanger, and/or combustion air supplies for furnaces, etc., they should be operated normally. However, do not operate any whole house or window fans during the test.

This test should not be started if severe weather is predicted. For example, a major storm system with winds exceeding 30 miles per hour.

Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)

CRM’s give hour by hour measurements of the radon level in your home. The equipment also measures movement and power interruptions. Many times, we can detect whether a window or door has been left open for a long period of time.

CRM’s are often used for real estate transactions due to the fact the results are know right after the testing period is complete.

We use continuous radon monitoring equipment manufactured by The Sun Nuclear Corporation, model 1028. We comply with State of Iowa standards by having the machines calibrated yearly by a third party testing company.

Our machine’s software program generates customized consumer friendly documentation, detailing:

the results in pCi/L (picocuries per liter, the EPA’s standard radon gas measurement method) , including an hourly line graph illustrating the radon levels

the start and stop times and dates of the measurement

the measurement conditions and location of the monitor

Charcoal Activated Tests

Charcoal activated tests are also used for short based testing, when time is not as critical in knowing the results.

The testing is less expensive than CRM testing, but the kits must be sent off to a third party testing company for results. This may take 2 to 4 days for the results to be known.

We use Air Chek, based out of North Carolina for our test kits. They are certified through the State of Iowa for this specific test.

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